Golden Allergy Elixir

I formulated this healing elixir with the wish to help people find alternatives to all of the pharmaceutical drugs for allergies with so many side effects. This elixir is made with many of the most healthful herbs on the planet which are good for everyone and tonifying to the whole body!

This obviously will not work as fast as otc allergy medication but it will actually treat the cause and not the symptoms only. It has a cumulative effect and the best thing to do is be consistent. You will see clear results after a few days to a week of taking it daily. I suggest working your way up to taking 2 spoonfuls  in the morning, or up to 3x a day if you arent seeing results. The medicine is safe and its all medicinal herbs.

The herbs I worked with in the elixir are Nettles, Dandelion, Goldenrod, Tulsi,  and Turmeric. Each of these herbs has amazing cleansing, nutritive, and immune boosting properties which help you to feel healthy, whole, and energized. I added raw local honey and apple cider vinegar to make an enzyme rich, alkalizing, and allergen cleansing elixir which tastes delicious too.

If you are prone to severe allergies I suggest starting off with a small dose and working your way up. If you have been tested for goldenrod allergy start off small!

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Happy Healing!



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One Response to Golden Allergy Elixir

  1. Susanna Silverstream says:

    Dan Farella! You Rock! I will definitely be getting a bottle and also my fav (!), Elderberry Elixir! Thank you for you Healing Work for the sake of All Beings, including the Plants and Mother Earth Herself! Sue Silverstream~~

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