Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas 2Since the dawning of fire, people have steeped herbs to make tea and heal their ailments.  Tea is one of the first forms of medicine and nourishes the body – mind – spirit system with deep integrated healing…

I blend teas for people seeking to find alternative solutions to their healing needs, while carefully choosing herbs with no negative side effects.  Herbal teas can empower people to restore their own health with the safe and effective herbs offered by Nature.

My herbal tea blends are formulated to treat symptoms, as well as the roots of many ailments.

spices edit 1If interested in your own custom healing tea blend, or a list of already made blends email dan@returntonature.us

All tea blends are made with organic , and grown and/or wildcrafted ingredients.

Pricing will reflect the herbs used and the quantity desired.