Plantain Infused Oil


I have recently completed a batch of Plantain Oil (Plantago lanceolata). Plantain has been used traditionally as an exceptional drawing herb, to draw out infections and detoxify. This oil is for topical application from everything to cracked dry skin, to psoriasis, to bee stings and itchy bug bites. It is made with my own back yard harvested organic plantain leaves and organic olive oil, Infused to extract all of the herbs potency into the oil, then strained. I will bottle it on demand as a healing offering to community.Happy Foraging!

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4 Responses to Plantain Infused Oil

  1. jazz says:

    thats awesome id like try ur oils on my dreads lol :) peace

  2. Susanna Silverstream says:

    You work with such reverence with the Plants, Dan! I am looking forward to bringing these consciously and lovingly made Medicines into my home and into my Life for myself and the many I care for! Thank you!

  3. Dan says:

    Thank YOU Susanna!

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