Herb Infused Massage Oils

Our herbal infused massage oils are hand-crafted to nourish and love your skin.

chickweed borderChickweed Infused Oil

birchBlack Birch Infused Oil

st johns wortSt Johns Wort Infused Oil

apoth 7Calendula Infused Oil Apoth 6Comfrey Infused Oil plantain edit 2Plantain Infused Oil

             We use all organic oils and herbs which have either been wildcrafted by me or organically purchased from the most sustainable sources available. Herbal oils can be used for speeding up wound healing, sprains, breaks, tendon or ligament damage, and to moisturize the skin. They also can be taken internally, and used in cooking, or raw food.

They are made with organic olive oil and are available in 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, or more is available upon request. Email Dan@returntonature.us to inquire for availability.