Bulk Herb Sources and Lyme Formulas

Bulk Herb Sources




www.rain-tree.com – (Cats Claw, Pao d’Arco, Bitter Melon)

www.frontiercoop.com (Bulk Organic Herbs)



Herb Dosage and Recommendations for Lyme


Lyme Specific Formulas

Green Dragon Botanicals - http://greendragonbotanicals.com

Lyme Articles and Publications

Ayurveda and Lyme Treatment Article

Advanced topics in Lyme Article

Dr Klinghards Perspective on Lyme

Lyme Documentary – Under Our Skin

Notes on Lyme Disease – by 7 Song

Tick/Co-infection Chart

4 Responses to Bulk Herb Sources and Lyme Formulas

  1. sundeep says:

    how is your trip so far in india? I was wondering if you are going there to research more medicinal plants.

    • Dan says:

      Hey Sundeep, the trip was amazingly insightful. i am hoping to return feb of 2013 to continue my herbal work. currently seeking and open to funding.

  2. Piotr Osipiak says:


    I try find sida acuta tincture maybe You know where I can bay sida acuta tncture?

    I need this immediately?!

    Could You help me?!

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