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plant walk @ 6 mile run

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“Awakening Our Nature Sense” by Olga Sher

“Winter Survival Foraging” Class Review by Michael Mcgurk┬á

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4 Responses to Class Reviews

  1. Biliana says:

    My children and I met Dan two years ago, and to us this has been an incredible gift. Dan is very knowledgeable about nature, more than anyone we have ever met, but this is not the only thing… Dan has a very special presence that somehow transforms people and their attitudes about nature, and this comes naturally to him. I do not think that he can help it, it is part of his energy. When we are around him, listening to his lectures, we receive lessons that resonate with us on a very deep level and we feel more connected with the world around us and ourselves. Humble, open-minded, funny, Dan offers something special to people from all walks of life that is desperately needed nowadays. My family and I highly recommend his classes and workshops.

  2. Liz Wanfried says:

    Dan did a presentation for our monthly meeting of the Holistic Moms Network this week and we still can’t stop talking about it. After just one session with Dan, on the topic of fermentation, I felt as though I’d read an entire book on the topic. Dan was thorough, knowledgeable, and delivered his information in such an accessible way. He couldn’t help but cover more info than the topic at hand, because his knowledge is so vast, and of course all of it is interconnected. I can’t wait to spend more time learning from Dan. We plan to do a foraging walk with him this Spring. I think the most important takeaway from his presentation for me personally is that I was able to walk out the door feeling differently after that meeting. I had new knowledge with which to make new choices, and to me, that’s what personal growth is all about. Thank you, Dan!

  3. Yelimar Rodriguez says:

    I was so heartbroken when I got back from Tracker School… I felt like Eden was taken away from me when I read foraging was against most park laws. When we did our plant walk with you in Prospect Park this Summer you held my shoulder and told me no one could take my connection away from nature. Your wisdom, and ability to bring me back to the truth, was healing. You walk your talk and that give us hope. Thanks for being a lighthouse and showing us what is possible.

  4. Dan says:

    02-23-2014 – It was a beautiful sunny day and many people came from all directions. I first started out by asking them to look upon the ground and ask what is present. At first most saw nothing, but then with some subtle clues suddenly a whole world was revealed to us, tracks, nuts, seeds, 5 or 6 plants. With our new vision we began to look up and explore the world. From there we found oriental bittersweet; a utilitarian plant and potent medicinal, sassafras root, compared cherry and birch trees. We also found black raspberry, roses, and blackberry as well as smilax to compare to each other. As the sun set, we closed up with a recharging conversation about voting, capitalism, and community organizing as a way to wean ourselves off of giant systems and return to the butcher, the baker, and the candle stick maker. Heres a full write up on the class –

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