Foragemobile Roving Apothecary and School Crowdfunding Project!

Hey Friendly Foragers,

As most of you know, I have been living in the forest, meditating and studying, and teaching by mostly donations for the last 6 years working tirelessly to bring nature teachings to all ages. Now I truly need your help to keep this work going and to take it to the next level. If I can get this van, I can come on tour to your town and help raise the return to nature revolution we all need. My life is dedicated to this mission, and I need financial help to take mission to you!

This will enable me to follow the foraging season, travel and visit so many of you all, to share and teach classes, to seek medicine places, and have fun with all kinds of plant magic tech symbiosis. Plus I plan to write my first book in the van, traveling throughout north America over the winter to publish in spring of 2017.



Here are 2 Ways you Can Help:

– Please spread the word of Return to Nature in any way you are willing. It takes a community to raise a new healing paradigm. Share the Return To Nature page, videos and articles from or this post.

– Please donate any amount to our Go Fund Me Campaign or you can PayPal to – and I will keep track of all donations and show you what each donation will go towards. Upon purchasing a van, I will need to customize, get some minimal repairs on it, and want to get a solar panel put on top of it, then I can have my phone and laptop charged on solar, and focus hard on writing and publishing books. consider that 5000 friends at just 5 dollars each can more than cover the expenses for this intended van. please all offer what you can.

The Total Needed in Donations = 11,111$

Things I Will Be Able to Offer Our Community With a Van:

– Music: the van will be a recording studio, and I will be able to record and release original music albums, videos, and live concert webcasts.

– Live Classes and Q+A Webcasts: While I travel I can teach from van and locations, I can teach continually.

– Ability to Drive to Many of You: Each year I get so many requests to travel to so many communities, this Van will enable me to be on a full teaching tour to come visit YOU!

– Ability to Follow the Seasons Foraging and Making Herbal Remedies: From the van, i can dry herbs, travel to my favorite in-season spots, and make medicines and products to share while I follow the harvest, and teaching schedule.

– Ability to Visit and Interview with Many Teachers: These travels will enable me to spend more time learning from, and broadcasting with teachers where I can launch the “Seeking the Medicine” Herbal Series.

– Sharing my Workshops, Classes, Consultations, and Teachings with More Communities: Since I will have a van as a home base I can set up in different locations and offer many classes.

– Live Blogging and Writing: I will also have the ability to sit and use the computer, get wifi (hopefully subscribers to new video updates will help me turn my phone into a wifi hotspot) this will enable me to complete my book due out in the spring of 2017.

Send your blessings, well wishes, and any donations!

Plant Love,



Click here for an Update of the Foragemobile Fundraiser!

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