The Yoga of Plants Part 2 – “Plant Ritual and Mantra in Ayurveda” Webinar Intro:

The Yoga of Plants Part 2 – “Plant Ritual and Mantra in Ayurveda” Webinar Intro:

Join Dan online for an informative talk about the ritual and practice with herbs, both in ancient and modern times.

Here is a listen to the intro to the full 2 hour webinar (available below) that I taught which is available for purchase in full below.


In this class, Dan discusses aspects of making preparations of herbs and wild plants, shamanic and alchemical practice and tradition with plants, theories on the ancient vedic rite of soma, and mantra chanting as powerful incantation to build rituals relevant to healing in the modern world.

For the full class, there is a $15 suggested donation.

If you would like to hear more of the class, we have the full class available by suggested donation, the full class can be seen at:

The Yoga of Plants Part 2

Check out more at:

The Yoga of Plants Part 1

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Return to Nature Tshirts! Available NOW!


Phoenix Fire Tshirts!

Hey friends of the forest, we now have #Returntonature“phoenixfire” organic cotton tshirts in both green and white as rewards for donating to the gofundme foraging and herbalism traveling van school

To see them as part of the Foraging school check out – Or order through paypal below…

All proceeds and donations go toward building a roving foraging and herbalism school to continue the teaching efforts of Dan De Lion and Return to Nature.


If you have any questions, you can email

Check out lots more wonderful goods at the Herbal Apothecary

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Return to Nature Foragemobile Van update #7:


dan-skunk-cabbage-3Blessings brothers and sisters!

Heres an update from my progress with crowd funding for a Foraging and Herbalism School on Wheels.

This past few weeks, I have of course been so inundated with sharing the story of Standing Rock, and the political turmoil that I have been deeply medicine questing. After counseling and questing deeply with my ancestors and guides as to the next steps with the van crowd funding it is again time to make the push for the continued need for a Foraging and Herbalism school on wheels.


Van Plan: A few nights ago, luckily right when I got to where I was staying, my transmission of my old trusty car has blown and another 300$ to fix it. This means that indeed it is time to rise out of the limits of this old trusty vehicle and manifest a van and take this work and service much deeper.

Thanks to your donations, I currently have enough for the van I am looking at (around $6,000) but not enough for the repairs it will require, which will probably amount to an extra $2,000. Along with customizing for shelving and putting a solar panel on the roof for charging electric devices (laptop, phone, headlamp) the amount of 11,111 should be sufficient to make it happen.


vanI am currently looking at a 1991 Chevy G 20, which I will be visiting while on tour in Pennsylvania this November, and I will be updating you all to see. To truly choose the right vehicle with all of the different factors has taken a lot of research and also takes a deep surrender of trust and hope, and that the correct choices are being made. I am definitely open to suggestions from you, that are practical.


Travels to Standing Rock: Amidst all the chaos and confusion of the day of the mass arrests a few weeks back, in a trance like state, I saw a vision of a unified ritual being born that can be taught and protected by the religious freedoms act. And, that the next phase of this movement will be an even deeper manifestation of demonstrating prayer/religion with everyone doing something together. That this indeed was the key in to the invocation of the ancestors. In this flu like state, I could not stop seeing all that was happening in rapid fire pace, I was seeing above the camp at everyone working, and the tipis, and elders. And I was shown deeply, that the religious freedoms restoration act of 1993 is indeed the key into our new world. That “demonstrating prayer” is very different than protesting. That the new ways will be in developing sacred but simple rituals which are inclusive, and do not project dogma; the manifestation of the aquarian revolution. I want to take these discussions to the people, to the elders there.


bakken-proposalDuring those few days, I have been shown the next steps, and they include that my first journey in the foraging van will be traveling to standing rock this December to bring much needed supplies, and to webcast the story and journey to you all with the ability to take your questions to the people there. So with your donations, I will be using this van to develop and gather a supply chain with our community and deliver them in collaboration with the herbal action network and other groups to take items and donations from you all who want to support but cannot go.

While the chance of arrest there is possible, the vision I hold for going there of course is of non-provocation, and non-violence, and to work first aid and to discuss with the elders and inquire on the visions I have seen this past week.

Along with your donation, 11% of Novembers proceeds for the foragemobile van fund will go to the Standing Rock efforts.


I want you all to know that I see this crowd funding project as an investment for all of our work raising this green revolution, and will dedicate my life teaching green skills and share all of the valuable survival and sustainability skills that I can along the way. It is time to seek, document, and share the medicine ways of this land in a deeper way, to interview key visionaries of this culture, and to use our technological resources in service to the awakening of our human purpose. Know that this is what your donations help to thrive. These are the votes that run through our hard earned dollars as we all learn to vote with our money.


returntonature-foragemobileDonations: Please consider that any donation helps this mission thrive, and we are almost to the goal! Remember, if you appreciate the continued work I share through both the Return to Nature website, Instagram, youtube, and several facebook pages, I ask you to help this mission grow and continue to have the financial and energetic support that it needs. For all our relations.


Please visit and donate, and/or share this link.

You can also paypal any amount to which will be updated to the crowd funding site. Also, check out all of the rewards and incentives I posted on the gofundme site; including tinctures, herbal tea blends, raw chocolates, and organic cotton tshirts, as well as mentorship options.


I appreciate you all.


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New Podcast Interview with Dan De Lion on The Bridge

Hey friends,

Heres a listen to the most recent podcast discussing aspects of herbalism, foraging, cultural transformation, and ideas about what we can all do to support the #noDAPL pipeline protest at the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota.

“In the second hour, Dan and Kira discuss the need for a Green Revolution or a Green New Deal to solve a number of challenges we currently face, including environmental destruction, loss of biodiversity, autoimmune disease and cancer. You can find more information and instruction regarding: fermenting food, foraging, plant identification, herbalism and mushrooms at:Return to Nature

Check out the full podcast at:

The Bridge with Kira featuring Unpa Numpa & Dan DeLion


Also, check out lots more podcasts with Dan at: Podcast Interviews

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Foragers Broadcast – Episode 14 – Foraging Class Live Webcast:

 Hey friends, Heres a look from last Saturdays class where we broadcasted the intro the class live on the Return To Nature facebook page. Click and like our FB page to see more live classes, coming soon!

If you appreciate this work, and want to see it keep thriving, please help by donating any amount to my Foraging Apothecary Van campaign:

Or by paypal to – All donations ensure that this work can continue to thrive and grow, and that I can continue to teach the ways to Return to Nature.


Plant love,

Dan de Lion

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Dans Roving Gypsy Foragemobile Campaign – Update 4:

 Roving Gypsy Foragemobile Campaign – Update 4: 

 Hey Friends, Its been 20 days since we launched our Foragemobile Van Fundraiser. We need your help to get beyond the $3000 marker – If each of you who follow and appreciate this work could donate just $11.11 to my van fund, I would be able to visit many more of you and spread our message of a #greenrevolution and #returntonature knowledge far and wide.

To help this vision become real, check out the link on gofundme:

You can also donate any amount on PayPal to – from there we will transfer each donation to the campaign with huge thanks!


Gypsy Nomad Revival and the Cottage Industry Rebuild with Dan De Lion:

dan-under-treeThe Gypsy nomad van plan is underway! I feel this is going to be a shift, an example of our exodus back to the earth, the return to nature that is so immanent as climate shifts, and as the need for getting closer to the earth becomes more obvious! During these teaching travels, I will also webcast my adventures and share in the live foraging and teachings on the road as I also study with elders and interview them!

I see myself writing in the van over the winter, and publishing my first of several books in the Spring of 2017 on foraging, nature philosophy, and the transitions we all desperately need. Lately I have been pouring out writings, of which I keep posting through my various sites, even though I am mostly in the woods, on an iphone always seeking ways to charge it, and get wifi, and I really need the proper place and time (internet, electricity, and a dry place) to be able to organize these writings. This van will also be a well stocked roving apothecary in service to all communities that i visit, which I can offer herbal consultation and services to the people in the places I travel and teach.


Sustainability Factor of Vans:

van-with-borderYes, it is true that vans don’t always have the best gas mileage (15-20 mpg). However, this is an alternative to the idea of a stationary sheetrock house, where the overhead is too expensive for our generations, and will set the pace for a transition into a more simple life. This is a huge transition from our modern way of life.

Consider, a van is a stable house which can be moved. Applied carefully, it is a reduction in fossil fuel use, if you think about how much fossil fuels are used to heat and cool a house. This van becomes the ability to reduce that. I don’t use air conditioner, and instead of heating a huge house over the winter, I will spend most of my time in the forest, next to a campfire, as usual.


Also, on this van I will have a bike rack on the back and install a solar panel on the roof with enough energy to charge a laptop and cell phone, basically all of the electricity I use. I will park the van at hubs and will have my backpack and spend days or weeks at a time walking through the forest, camping, foraging, and creating an intimate trail through many sacred sites in the forest…


dan-teaching-border-2This van will be not just a vehicle for driving, but a teaching hub; Within the foragemobile, I will build shelving, herb drying racks, food storage bins, and have a bedroll and space for meditation and study, to do computer work, write, and have a traveling space with supplies to open up a campsite and gypsy teaching village anywhere. It will be a mobile food storage unit/root cellar where I will seasonally circle key locations which are ready for transition building. Consider this vs a house.


Please help this vision become real! Consider sharing this with those who believe in the need for our transition, and donate what you can!



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Working Herbally with Lyme @ The Ark

dan teaching circle borderHere is the recording of the “Working Herbally with Lyme” class taught by Dan.

In it, he discusses the micro and macrocosm relations to Lyme as a “dis-ease” and what the proliferation of ticks, individually and ecologically expresses within “parasitism” as a healing metaphor. He also discusses aspects of herbal treatment

Listen to the class here:

      Working Herbally with Lyme


If you found this class helpful, please offer a donation so that more events like this can be made possible, and subscribe to the Return to Nature newsletter to stay in the loop of the upcoming talks and events. Donations can be PayPaled to my email at


Dan De Lion is a Forager, Herbalist, and Teacher dedicated to working with Nature to facilitate the reunion of the people with our planetary purpose. Dan teaches through Return to Nature providing classes in foraging and herbalism, making homemade remedies, fermentation and kombucha, and primitive and survival skills. He also makes herbal products, gives herbal consultations, runs mentorship programs, and teaches custom group herbalism classes. Dans website is and he can be contacted at

Further Lyme Links:

Lyme Links

Lyme Consultations with Dan

Teasel Magic and Lyme Spirochetes


This class and class recording are intended for educational purposes only and are not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any specific illnesses or ailments. All information provided here should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult a licensed healthcare practitioner for medical problems.

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Foraging for Chicken of the Woods (Laetiporus species)


Chicken of the woods is an easily identifiable and safe mushroom to start your mushroom seeking adventures.

This mushroom is in the Laetiporus genus, of which there are 2 or 3 species in North America; namely Laetiporus sulphureus having yellow pores, and L. cincinnatus having white pores. The pore surface, opposed to gills, is a very important characteristic of the underside of mushrooms.

This beautiful and relatively easy mushroom to identify is amazing in a stir fry, baked, breaded and fried, and can be sautéed just as one would prepare chicken. The texture is similar, and it can be a good replacement in any recipes that call for chicken.

One of the main factors in safely identifying this mushroom against several other bright orange mushrooms is that it grows directly on wood. This means that when you find it, you should look to see that it is orange and fan shaped, has a porus underside, and is growing out of wood directly. Otherwise, it can be one of many other mushrooms, some of which can be poisonous.

chicken-of-the-woods-border-2Ethical and sustainable harvesting of all mushrooms is important, and although there is some debate among mycologists, it is generally recommended to remove the tender part of the mushrooms with either a knife, or by hand, and in the case of chicken of the woods, by breaking off the fans, but not necessarily removing the entire base. Often on chicken of the woods everything but the fans are very woody and inedible, while this can be used for stock, the real gem is in the soft succulent tips, which break off like the texture of chicken.

One main issue in their edibility is people harvesting it once the mushroom is dried out. In most climates without high humidity, you really only get 3-4 days after the rains to get fresh mushrooms. After that, mushrooms quickly become bug hotels.  This may be one of the factors of why a select few people can get digestive upset eating this mushroom. This is easily avoided by only eating a small amount to see first how you’ll react to it, and this is especially important for children. I’ve also heard that chicken of the woods growing on evergreens can be an issue for some peoples digestive systems; although this may be a rumor from mistaking poison hemlock (Conium) for the edible and medicinal hemlock tree (Tsuga sp.) of which there is no relation, other than their common name. I have never even seen this mushroom grow on any evergreens. Look for them on downed oak and maple as the bark peels off.

chicken-of-the-woods-border-undersideAlso, medicinal mushroom research has also shown that chicken of the woods is also medicinal and is active against staph, ” All strains demonstrated antimicrobial activity against a wide spectrum of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria during agar and submerged cultivation including methicillin-resistant strain of Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and glycopeptide-resistant strain of Leuconostoc mesenteroides.” – Check out more about their medicinal aspects at 

Here’s a video on ethical and sustainable harvest in a tongue-in-cheek “zen” way:

Happy Foraging,


Check out more videos at the Return to Nature Youtube Channel

Our Facebook Page:
and Return to Nature on Instagram: Instagram/returntonature

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Water is Life – Help Standing Rock Reservation

#waterislife #noDAPL 

It turns out that water is priority over oil. We can easily replace oil technology as an energy source, but you cannot replace water. 

Remember this in the coming years as corporations try to make us dependent on them for the most basic human rights. 

It’s time to stand and say no!

Use the hashtags: 

#noDAPL #Waterislife #standingrock

Do what you can to stand with the native brothers and sisters at #standingrock who are fighting for all of us for clean water and less pipelines. 
There are supply lists, as well as herbal remedies supply chains headed their way to keep up the pressure.

“When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you – pull your beard, flick your face – to make you fight. Because once they’ve got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t know how to handle is non-violence and humor.” – John Lennon

Here is a website with a call for solidarity actions as well as insight into what is happening:

Important Message from Keeper of Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe. – Cheif Arvol Looking Horse:

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This Weekend – Classes in Princeton, NJ

plant walkHey Foraging Friends! Foraging the East Coast Continues with another weekend of Princeton Classes.

This weekends upcoming classes includes Foraging for Wild Plants and Mushrooms – Princeton NJ this Saturday, and The Yoga of Plants: Ayurveda, Alchemy, and Herbalism – Princeton, NJ Sunday! RSVP to for meeting location!

Then, the following weekend, September 2-4, I’m headed to Ananda Ashram in Monroe, NY to teach a weekend retreat: Fall Foraging and Herbalism Retreat at Ananda Ashram


Please help spread the word!

Update on help Dan get a Van Plan: A Huge thanks to all who have donated so far! So far we have raised about half of what it looks like I’ll need to build my forager van, feels like a great start! Check out more about the Forager Van Project at Help Dan Get A Van!

Ananda Ashram Foraging Class

Hope to see you there !!!



Instagram: Returntonature

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