Return to Nature Podcast Interviews:

Radical Health Podcast – Returning to Nature with Dan de Lion  Nov 1, 2021

The Mushroom Hour Podcast – Ep. 50: Return to Nature – Herbalism, Rewilding & Overgrowing the System (feat. Dan De Lion) Oct 30, 2020

Dan de Lion on Tangentially Speaking with Chris Ryan– March, 2019

Return to Nature: an interview with Dan de Lion – Fungiflora, Aug, 2017

Herbalism and Gut Health – Ancestral Health Radio, Jan 2017

Herbalist Dan De Lion on Alchemical Spagyric Processes, Boundary Dissilution & Spiritual Activism – Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast, November, 2016

Dan De Lion on the Green Revolution – The Bridge with Kira, October 2016

Herbalist Dan De Lion on Connecting with your Natural Instincts – Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast, March, 2016

The Bridge with Kira featuring Dan De Lion

Lyme Disease: Prevention, Awareness, and Nature Based Strategies w/ Dan De Lion – Freeradicalmedia, June, 2015

The Permaculture Podcast – Episode 1509: The intersection of foraging and permaculture with Dan De Lion March 4, 2015

Herbalism, Ayahuasca and Symbiotic Culture – Free Radical Media Radio

Dan De Lion of Return to Nature – Tink Tink Club Podcast

Food, Medicine, or Poison – Every Day Detox Podcast

Food Sovereignty and Return to Nature Survivalism – Evolve Quest Radio

Developing Set and Setting in Plant Ritual – Online Class with Sphinx Mystery School

The Yoga of the Natural World – Online Workshop with Dan De Lion @ Sphinx Mystery School

The Sentient Intelligence of Nature – Free Radical Media Radio

Plants and the Yogic Traditions – Satsang with Sitaram Das

Foraging and Fermenting – Interview on “A Fermented Affair”

Dans Articles Published in Magazines:

Dandelions: Its No Enemy but a Teacher – Dirt Magazine – May 2015
Earth Day: 10 Steps you can do to make a difference – Belightliving.com – April 2015
Practicing Intuitive Connections with the Earth – Belightliving.com – Feb 2015
Foraging Autumn Olive – Dirt Magazine – November 2014
Working with Prickly Pear Cactus – Dirt Magazine – Septemeber 2014
Kales Wild Cousins – Dirt Magazine – July 2014
Eat Weeds! – Fearless Parents Blog, June 2014
Working with Evergreens – Dirt Magazine – May 2014
Boost your Intuition – Natural Awakenings – April 2014 (Pg 28)

Articles about RTN and Dan de Lion:

Food as Medicine – Edible Jersey Magazine

Winter Foraging – Aquaponics Alive Article
Dan the Wild Man – Homeschool Moms Blog Article
“A Chat with Dan Farella on his Journey to Foraging”
Urban Foraging for Food Article (Several botanical mistakes, emailed them many times)

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