Foraging Videos

About RTN:

A look at Return to Nature

Dan De Lion of Return to Nature

Foragers Broadcast Series: 

A look into the life of a full time forager, roving and seeking wild food and medicine, and sharing what he finds. Click below for the playlist to the series…

Plant Walks:

Alchemy and Insights Into Isolated Chemistry @ Ananda Ashram

Mint Family Identification and Herbal Medicinemaking Technques @ Ananda Ashram

Urban Foraging @ Prospect Park


Fermentation Classes: 

Fermentation Class @ Nofa NJ 2016

Fermentation and Kombucha Workshop @ NOFA NJ 2015 (Series Playlist)


Videos About Plants:

Lobelia Medicine Making – Live from the Foragemobile 

Tincturing 101 Live Class @ Nofa NJ 2016 

Datura as a Topical Medicinal Plant

Pokeweed Preparation in 21 Minutes

Sassafras Tea – A Spring Healing Tonic

Wintercress – An Early Spring Edible

Goldthread (Coptis)

Black Nightshade (A mystic fruit)

Harvesting Autumn Olive

Foraging for Beach Plums

Foraging for Black Locust Flowers

Identifying the Oak Gall as a Medicinal

Foraging for Yarrow

Foraging for Yarrow – Pt. 2

Foraging for Horsetail

Harvesting Chokecherries

Harvesting Indian Cucumber

Harvesting Nettle by Hand

Galium as a Medicinal

A Look at Prunella (Heal All)

Identifying and Working With Sassafras

Identifying Violets for Foraging and Survival


Videos About Mushrooms:

Foraging for Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)

Foraging for Agaricus Mushrooms

Foraging for Oyster Mushrooms

Foraging and Feasting on Morels

Foraging for Lactarius Mushrooms


Videos About Survival Skills:

Firemaking with Tree Tinder

Firemaking with a Fresnel Lens


Videos About Animals:

The Rabbit Vision

Bluejay Bird Language Exploration

A Visit from Bears

Great Blue Herron

Tracking the Pileated Woodpecker

Fox Sighting in the Forest

Hawk Sighting in the Forest


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Foraging Articles Here

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