Tincturing 101 – Webinar

“Tincturing 101” Class from January 27 at NOFA NJ Winter conference

There is such an incredible abundance of medicine at your feet! Join Dan for an inspiring class and learn about the medicinal plants of the land and to make medicine with them.

In this in-depth class, Dan de Lion introduces us to the world of medicinal tincturing. He breaks down all the essentials (plus more) of tincture-making, and answers all the questions you may have been scared to ask before. Dan explores insights into phytochemical awareness, the plant-human connection throughout evolution to the modern day, and also gives good perspective for proper herbal dosaging. He brings students through the necessary tincture-making material and the various mentstruums one may use for different applications, and clues us into some generally safe, home-starter herbs for tinctures. Dan expounds upon the detriment of lack of nature connection, and also suggests a few starter-reference books which may help you along the way.

Check out lots of herbalism and foraging videos, articles, and upcoming classes as well as herbal goods at www.returntonature.us and www.facebook.com/returntonatureskills

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