Foraging Articles


PokeWeed – A Periphal Power Plant

Wisdom of Wineberries – Foraging for Local “Invasives”

Chaga Tea and the Ethics of Wildcrafting

Foraging for Horsetail – An Ancient Ally

Persimmon Power – A Favorite Forageable Fruit

Yarrow and Indigenous Medicine Perspective

Foraging the Prickly Pear Cactus

Datura – A Topical Pain Remedy

Pine Pollen and Allergies

Teasel Magic and Lyme Spirochetes

Foraging the Autumn Olive

Gathering Winter Rose Hips

Foraging for Violets (With Vid.)

Chickweed – A Midwinter Hero

A Dock a Day – Curly and Bitter Dock

Gingko – A Stinky Job

Foraging for Mustard Greens

Understanding Herbal Actions

Eat the Weeds

Mulberries – A Neglected Sidewalk Superfruit

Food and Culture:

Enriching Your Life with Fermented Foods

Drink Your Lawn

Symbiosis with Bacteria

Foraging in our Modern World – Tips for when and where

Class Reflection on “Winter Survival Foraging”


Foraging for Chicken of the Woods

Chaga Tea and the Ethics of Wildcrafting

Foraging the Pheasants Back Mushroom

Foraging the “True” Turkey Tail

Identifying the Shaggy Mane Mushroom

Edible Puffballs in your Front Lawn

Articles Published in Magazines:

“Kids, Rewilding, and the New Mythology.” – Planet Shifter Magazine – August, 2015
Earth Day: 10 Steps you can do to make a difference – – April 2015
Practicing Intuitive Connections with the Earth – – Feb 2015
Foraging Autumn Olive – Dirt Magazine – November 2014
Working with Prickly Pear Cactus – Dirt Magazine – Septemeber 2014
Kales Wild Cousins – Dirt Magazine – July 2014
Eat Weeds! – Fearless Parents Blog, June 2014
Working with Evergreens – Dirt Magazine – May 2014
Boost your Intuition – Natural Awakenings – April 2014 (Pg 28)

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