Work Trade & Jobs

Worktrade and Job Opportunities

We are seeking to grow and expand our mission of deep Nature connection through certain functions of a Return to Nature paradigm. Growing a self-sustaining community takes teamwork and vision and as it is said, “Many hands make light work”.

If you are interested in trading time and service in exchange for free classes, private health consultations, nature mentoring, bulk buying organizing, and community event organization, send an email to

pine tree mycelium

There are also certain requested jobs that are task specific which can be based on work/trade or percentage of earnings by task. These can be seen below…

Specific Services We Are Seeking:

We are humbly gracious to everyone who is putting the word out there and sharing their experience with others as well as anyone willing to spread the word of Return to Nature activities to their communities. As things evolve we are continuing to seek and connect with those who are aligned with the mission of re-birthing sustainable community connection. The Return to Nature.

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4 Responses to Work Trade & Jobs

  1. Biliana says:

    I would love to have an opportunity. My strengths are:

    – Graphic Design/Photography
    – Research
    – Editing and proofreading
    – Holistic Health

    Biliana 🙂

  2. Brittney says:

    I’d love to work with Return to Nature to share knowledge and wisdom about the REAL natural world! I love Return to Nature!
    I’m great with communicating with people and being social.
    I am very often traveling to other counties, so I can post published articles or even help with publishing the articles themselves. I love to write! I am also a dedicated researcher. I’m currently getting very deep into ayurvedic medicine and rehabilitation as well as becoming a yoga teacher and connecting with internal energy.

  3. Jeff says:

    hey there,
    i’ve met dan thru princeton yoga center; i’m in the skillman area.
    i do video production from start to finish, and would be happy to help get some rtn vids going. let me know if/how i can help.

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