Goals and Visions

Goals and Visions: 

  • Return to Nature Weekend Camp out classes, and Retreats – 2014
  • Childrens Bi-monthly Nature Connection Classes, 2014
  • Hunting the Medicine Book and Field Guide: Foraging Journeys throughout India, 2012 Projected release date: Spring 2015
  • Hunting the Medicine Documentary: Episode 1 – Appalachian Foraging Projected Release date: Fall, 2015 – Seeking funding and post production team to accomplish this task. All is filmed and editing is needed.
  • India Journey, Spring 2015 – The second “Hunting the Medicine” Documentary, Recording of Episode 2 – Traveling and studying throughout India, learning the ancient foraging and spiritual traditions of the people in villages, and the sadhus while video recording, writing, and documenting, interviewing people on the path.

All of this will be made possible by charitable donations and with resources and help from our growing community. If you feel these are projects you wish to invest time or money into and would like to be involved in growing this endeavor please email, or donate at the following links:

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