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My herbal goods are formulated with sacred prayer and organic and wildcrafted ingredients obtained from the most sustainable local sources available.  I strive to create healing medicine for the community as alternatives to pharmaceuticals and their dangerous side effects.  Tapping into Nature’s sacred healing energy through organic and wild crafted medicine provides a safe and effective way to work with ailments, and more specifically the root causes of illness and dis-ease.  I believe we can become empowered self-reliant herbalists by treating our own ailments with what Nature is sharing with us.

I feel deeply that plants are sentient beings which respond well to humble requests.  I ask them for healing in the most sacred way I can, through every step of the medicine making process.  I have ceremony for each medicine, aligning with the full moon energies when I feel called, chanting mantras as I ask for healing to be transferred through the medicine.

I am happy to create custom herbal goods according to your specific needs.  For a consultation or any other questions about my herbal products, please email Dan@returntonature.us