Welcome to our Herbal Apothecary…

(Our apothecary is closed for the winter until spring of 2019. Thanks for all of your support)

Herbal Tinctures

Herb Infused Massage and Body Oil

Salves and Lip Balms

Elderberry Elixir

Organic Raw Chocolate

 Herbal Tea Blends

Alchemical Herbal Perfumes

Wildcrafted and Organically Sourced Herbs

Organic Return to Nature Tshirts

Our herbal goods are formulated with sacred prayer and organic and wildcrafted ingredients obtained from the most sustainable and local sources available.  We at Return to Nature strive to create nourishing goods for the community with focus and care toward tapping into Nature’s sacred energy.

We are happy to create custom herbal goods according to your specific needs.  For a consultation or any other questions about our herbal goods,  email: Dan@returntonature.us

*For orders outside of the US please contact us for accurate shipping rates