Rose Petal Infused Oil

On the way back from the @internationalherbsympoisum after a beautiful cleansing rainstorm, Devin(@ukuleletribe ) and I walked the ocean coast in Rhode Island collecting rose petals, and we harvested these while singing the song that came to me last time I was with them.

We prayed to this plant ally for helping us to heal our wounds and raise our heart vibration while we harvested. There were both white and pink petals and I felt like this was the balance of the sacred masculine and feminine coming together, a new dawning where we learn to increase our awareness, empathy, and come to a new and higher space of consent and loving presence all together. 

I crafted this oil of rose petals with the intent of opening up and cleansing relation wounds, and the ability to reach and connect deeply with others through genuine intimacy and breaking through fears we have associated with past disharmonies. To be able to show up fresh and renewed with the power of rose magic. I added the petals, with waters from the rains, directly into a mix of grapeseed and olive oils, for a skin softening and nourishing heart healing formula. 

Rose also has its gift of boundaries, having thorns, so the balance between our delicate petals being revealed, and the protection needed to bare that in a safe way is its teaching. 

I steeped this oil for 28 days so that the moon can cycle fully through each house and add the astrological influence into this formula and have a few available to share with you all.

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