Online Private Foraging Mentorship

Want to learn live from a plant and mushroom mentor but cant make it to physical classes?

By using the best of technology, we will work together online to help you identify and work with the plants in your back yard through email, and photographs. I will lead students systematically through processing aspects of each plant they correctly identify.

With online private plant mentorship, you can run around photographing plants and emailing them to me for a week (7 days). I’ll help you identify them and learn how to learn plants!

$45 –  Email if interested

If you would like to join a year of online mentorship starting in the spring of 2017, check out Monthly Online Plant Mentorship

Or join us in person at our 2017 Foraging Herbalist Camping Mentorship 

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4 Responses to Online Private Foraging Mentorship

  1. Janet Weber says:

    Hi Dan—-
    I’m an occasional student down at Eddie/Julie’s Practical Primitive. Saw your posting about classes—wish I could come but cannot due to family circumstances.
    I love what you are doing! Felt a strong nudge from the ethers to tell you about an herbalist from Germany. Plant spirit medicine, foraging etc. You should check him out—people tend to forget the European indigenous traditions; herbalism in Germany Austria is alive and well. here’s a link: Dieter Storl. He does webinars also–authored books; videos; some parts are in English. Good gathering to you. Om Shanti

  2. Tammy Davis (aka Sloopy Lopez) says:

    Hello Dan,

    I am very interested in your distance-learning mentorship. I live on the Mendocino Coast in California, so there is the time difference to consider. However, I am flexible… at present.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you!

    In Gratitude,

    • Dan says:

      Hey Tammy, Do send me an email at

      Ive also made some good friends over that way, and will put you in touch. And, I’ll be again teaching classes in southern cali in october 2016.

      Plant blessings!


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