Pinyon Pine Sap Infused oil

Pinyon (Pinus edulis) is a very sacred tree which offers us pine nuts and is a native tree which indigenous people lived from for thousands of years. All of our ancestors have worked with varied pine sap for topical application, and for taking internally for healing.

This tree is a profound elder upon the landscape that ensures so many survival needs for those who take shelter upon its branches. It also provides shade in the landscape from the potent desert sun where there is often no escaping it for miles. Trees produce their own microclimates, and under them it’s several degrees cooler. 

Pine sap oil is helpful for moisturizing the skin, healing topical infections, reducing scars, clearing up eczema or psoriasis, and speeding up wound healing. You can also rub it on your chest as a balm for helping with cough or respiratory infection. They are also a tasty and good smelling lip balm and the scent is strong and of the wild lands!

I harvested a sparse amount of sap from each tree I felt called to, making sure to not expose any wound that the trees have by taking too much sap. We began the journey with offerings, prayer, and gratitude for this sacred tree, and it offered of itself to our community so that we may heal and seek a deeper connection with the earths magical teachers. 

Pine Sap Oil
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