Herbal and Lyme Consultations

Drawing on herbal traditions and techniques from east and west as well as health and nutritive food awareness, I will help you find herbal options and food lifestyle choices appropriate to guide and facilitate your change toward optimal health, healing, and cleansing. Incorprating the 3 practical steps of diet, herbs, and lifestyle to re-integrate healing as a holistic system towards wellness.

Making Herbal Medicine

I work with clients by phone, skype, or in person to bring deeper awareness of the food and herbal options available towards your healing needs that doctors, for many reasons, are not able to implement.

I am dedicated to helping others realize that going to the doctor and using antibiotics do have their place; but lifestyle, eating, and herbal medicine traditions can be applied in conjunction to, or in prevention of many of the causes of dis-eases. An apple a day…

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Land Consultation

dan showing plantsI offer on-site land consulting to help people understand what wild foods and medicines are already existent on their property, where is best to grow gardens, what kind of soil is in their area, and what plants would thrive in certain habitats. These consultations are aimed at how to help cultivate abundance, for themselves, their family, and for wildlife, upon their land.

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