Health Consultations

Drawing on herbal traditions and techniques from east and west as well as health and nutritive food awareness, Dan aims to help people find herbal options, food and lifestyle choices appropriate to guide and facilitate each individuals personal healing, transformation, and self empowerment, which is a unique ritual for each one of us.

Dan has been trained in western herbalism, yogic philosophy, ayurveda, and shamanic healing modalities which infuse and enliven the basis of incorporating 3 practical steps; diet, incorporation of herbal remedies, and deeper lifestyle and belief change which facilitate the health of an individual as a holistic system moving towards wellness.

Making Herbal Medicine

Dan facilitates herbal consultations by phone, as well as in person, and you can send an email to inquire to

How consultations work: I email an intake form for you to fill it out and send back.  I will review it and from there we will schedule a time to have a 1 hr. phone consult based on the information provided.

For info on upcoming classes check my CALENDAR. And to help organize classes please email:

A consultation is an educational service Return to Nature provides and is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any specific illnesses or ailments.  All information provided during the consultation should not be construed as medical advice.  Please consult a licensed healthcare practitioner for emergency medical conditions.

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