Emergency Preparedness

For info on when I’ll be teaching these and other classes check my CALENDAR. And to help organize classes please email: Dan@returntonature.us

Preparing Foods Without Electricity

     Learn the skills needed to provide food for yourself and others without refrigeration or electricity.  In this class we will explore sprouting and fermentation, methods for gathering wood and cooking safely over an open fire, as well as foraging the land.

Herbal Emergency First Aid

     In this class you will learn how to utilize your spice cabinet and some of the weeds outside of your door to provide direct and deep healing in times when you need to rely on your own skills.  Topics will include treating injuries such as burns, cuts and broken bones, herbal treatment of internal viral and bacterial infections, how to scan the body for damage, and how to assess the surroundings of an emergency.

Community Disaster Organization

Learn methods for community leadership during times of disaster.  We will explore what can be done to minimize suffering and injury in your community, as well as processes for organizing group efforts.

Emergency Preparation

     In this class you will learn ways of storing food, purifying water, survival psychology, and what to keep with you for times of need. Learn some of the basics to be empowered when the power goes out.

   Foraging Suburbia for Foods and Medicines

     In this class you will learn how to scan everywhere from yards, sidewalks, fields, and parks to see your town as a catalog of resources. You will discover which plants can be eaten, made into useful materials, ways of processing them, how to treat and apply herbs for medicinal values, and most importantly where to look.


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