Comfrey Infused Oil

Comfrey, also called knitbone, is great for healing sensitive and sore areas. Whether its pain from a recent sprain, injury, or from an old broken bone, comfrey helps to rebuild tendons and ligaments and bring healing cells to the area where the oil is applied. She is able to do this because she is so incredibly loaded with minerals, one of them being silica. Silica is basically plant cells, when brought into our body it helps build bones, tendons, and ligaments. The skin is the largest breathing living organ of our bodies and by applying plant mixtures and oils to it the minerals get absorbed through the skin and go directly to the area in need.

Especially helpful would be a hot pack of comfrey oil directly on a pained area in need of rebuilding. I do this by simmering some water and placing a towel in it. Once the towel is saturated with warm water I then add the oil to the skin and put the towel over it. Even the thought is relief to me!

 I harvested this comfrey with thankfulness and dried the leaves then infused them in organic oils.

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2 Responses to Comfrey Infused Oil

  1. Anita Mandato says:


    Hi Dan,

    Can you help me find chenopodium. I am trying to eliminate parasites (intestinal worms) and know someone in another state who is using this herb very successfully. Or, do you have any other suggestions for eliminating intestinal worms herbally?


    • Dan says:

      Hey Anita, yes i can definitely help you identify chenopodium. the best place to look is dirt hills that are left alone. they tend to like dry areas with disturbed and bare ground. you are welcome to email me photos of plants as you try to narrow down. What is much more significant for parasites are the artemesias, wormwood, mugwort, sweet annie. digestive bitters, bitter melon, black walnut. But the dosage is everything, and not many people understand how to work with herbs effectively in their proper dose. I give consultations and perhaps you would be interested to talk further. Send an email if you like.

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