Our 2023 Herbal CSA Drops Today!!

2023 Herbal CSA

Four Seasons Herbal CSA with Sasha Botanica & Return To Nature

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… as the seasons transition and shift, so do our bodies. Our herbal CSA offers a variety of locally made herbal products & medicinals that reflect the changing seasons. 

Each season you will receive a care package of locally grown & foraged herbal goods such as tea blends, tinctures, elixers and body care products that are specifically crafted to support health & well-being during that particular time of year.

Joining our yearly CSA is a great way to sample a variety of herbal products, get familiar with your local plants and become an active participant in our growing herbal community. Help support local farmers and herbalists who are dedicated to sustainable & regenerative practices!

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And send an email to Dan@Returntonature.us for any questions

Tier 1: Single Share: This package is wonderful for individuals or couples looking to sample a variety of herbal products and start building their own apothecary. $300/yearly share

Tier 2: Family Share: The Family Share is suitable for bigger households and contains a larger quantity of each product per season. $450/yearly share

Pick-Up/Shipping – If you are local and would like to pick up your seasonal package we will provide details upon sign up. If you would like your package shipped we will ship USPS Priority Flate-Rate Shipping: $15.

  • Spring

Pick-Up/Ship Date:

Sunday June 4th

(Full Strawberry Moon)

Springtime Herbal Infused Vinegar

Springtime Herbal Infused Salts

Floral Honey

Digest Ease Tincture

Wild Greens Pesto (fresh, local pick-up only)

Spring Hydrosol

Smudge Bundle



Pick-Up/Ship Date:

Tuesday August 1st

(Full Sturgeon Moon)

Cooling Tea Blend

Honeysuckle & Rose Honey

Mulberry Tulsi Oxymel

Summer Hydrosol

Herbal Soap

Tulsi Face Cream

Itch-Be-Gone Salve

Herbal Candies



Pick-Up/Ship Date:

Saturday October 28th

(Full Hunters Moon)

Herbal Cleansing Incense Cones

Body Scrub

Aromatic Salve

Medicinal Mushroom Bouillon Powder

Elderberry Elixir

Fire Blend Tincture

Medicinal Honey

Natural Paints Set



Pick-Up/Ship Date:

Wednesday December 27th

(Full Cold Moon)

Immunomagic Cold & Flu Tincture

Warming Herbal Tea Blend

Bone Broth Herbs

Charcoal Birch Soap

Birch Body Oil

Body Butter

Beeswax Candle with Nettle Wick

Seed Packet


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About Dan

Dan De Lion is an earth herbalist, forager, musician, and teacher. He teaches through Return to Nature, providing classes, lectures, and seminars on wild food foraging, mushroom identification, herbal medicine making, as well as primitive and survival skills with a focus on wild foods and forest medicines. He also incorporates the philosophies of yoga, alchemy, meditation, and mysticism into his classes, lectures, and seminars and brings a deep rooted indigenous medicine perspective of practicing intuition with plants, in a systematic and earth-based way – Check out more at www.returntonature.us.
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