Realizations on Raccoons – A Timely Encounter with a Masked Messenger

A Timely Encounter with a Masked Messenger

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Last night, while I was driving, suddenly I witnessed that there was a young and adorable raccoon frozen scared in the middle of the road and cars were whizzing by it.  Not wanting this beautiful beings life to end so senselessly, I pulled off and parked, and headed towards the road.  As we stood there for a moment looking into each others eyes, both wondering what the next step was, I entered into a moment of eternal contemplation.  This being was so adorable and was so young it seemed it wanted to cuddle, or defend itself, or run – and it seemed to assume all of these 3 postures at once, obviously utterly confused at my presence.  In this simple moment of connection, I felt a deep sense of reverence and appreciation for such a divine and innocent creature that just cannot be experienced in any other way than directly engaging Nature as it is.

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This great evolutionary mystery before me; so many questions could be asked… Why this specific body design and markings?  How did it evolve and from what?  How are we related genetically over millions of years of growth?  How is it delicately still thriving in the middle of suburban New Jersey, and will enough people in suburbia be conscious enough to watch their numbers disappear?  Will it come a time for this creature to also be forgotten?  Just a story among our generations of the suburban masked messenger that once existed amongst our highly spastic village-in-overdrive.

In these engagements with the wild, for me, and I’m sure for many, it’s difficult to know the balance between help and interfere.  I decided it was best to give it a sense of fear of people and the road and started shooing it off the road.  The raccoon eventually ran off to the side of the road and I got back into my car and decided I would watch the area for about 10 minutes.


Eventually, as I suspected, it poked its head out from the divider again, potentially thinking of making another go-or just wondering what kind of crazy animal I was.  At that moment, knowing that Nature works through reciprocity, I reached into my basket of wild pears that were on the passenger seat, and of course I pull out 3.  So now with my wild pear trinity I brought them to the side of the road, and made an offering and a prayer, “Hopefully you can be satisfied with these instead of running all across the road little guy.”

I returned to my car to go home and leave his fates now to the great mystery, I did what I felt I could and it felt complete for my presence.  I turned my car around and instantly I spotted money in the middle of the street.  Ok Nature… Thank you.  I picked it up and it was 10 dollars. Feeling thankful for the teachings of raccoon medicine, and Nature for guiding such a beautiful experience, I once again had it shown to me that service to the divine in nature will provide what we need if we do our own inner work the best that we can.


Natures New Paid Employee


Alex Greys Tree of Life – The Choice is in our hands.

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