Appalachian Documentary Project – Hunting the Medicine – Filmed 2014

Appalachian Herbalism & Foraging Expedition

Film Title: Hunting the Medicine – A Story of Stalking the Wild Spirit

Morning Sunlight

July 4 to August 16, 2013

Return to Nature:

Return to Nature is an organization with the mission to provide a safe and healing teaching bridge for individuals and communities to recognize Nature as a continual and abundant provider of nourishment, medicine, and spiritual connection. Dan is a Teacher, Forager, Herbalist, and Musician dedicated to working with Nature to further the healing of the planet, the soul and communities.


Appalachian Expedition Mission:

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Throughout the Summer I will be journeying through North Carolina where I will be sharing my adventures with our community throughout my travels.  The aim of this expedition is to understand, practice, document and explore herbal knowledge in North Carolina and to share this wisdom with you.  My vision for this expedition is to create a great sustainable survival and documentary experience, and for this knowledge to be cherished and practiced in the wider community.


Documenting, Preserving & Sharing:

I will bring this experience to you through video documenting, blogging, photographing and writing, interactively through these mediums; for example, filming Wildman Steve Brill when I recently met him to exchange knowledge of foraging at one of his classes. My knowledge will be combined with that of other teachers and herbalists throughout my travels to bring teachings to the community.  I will meet with Ken Crouse, a most influential elder of these traditions and lineages.  Ken is a mushroom foraging, ceremonial permaculturist and a true wisdom keeper of the south.  I will keep my path open to meeting other knowledge holders along the way that I have been in contact with and will have a few surprise encounters to document and share. For some examples of my films please click here. This project will aim to show the ceremonial, ritual, and practical work that people are doing to gather their own foods and medicines from the wild; and how this practice and connection transforms them. The working title of this so far is ” Hunting the Medicine – A Story of Stalking the Wild Spirit”


Teaching, Gathering and Cooking:

Oysters and GreensThroughout the journey I’ll be exploring plants and mushrooms, herbalism, traditional skills, interviewing knowledge holders, foraging, living off the land and attending herbal and permaculture gatherings. I will share my knowledge of foraging and cooking with wild greens, mushrooms, fruits, berries, nuts and seeds.  I’ll make stir frys and tea on campfires while sharing skills for living off the land and enjoying Nature’s bounty.  To view one of my videos on firemaking click here

Donations & Contributions:

All energetic and monetary contributions are cherished components to the success of this endeavor. Monetary gifts will be gratefully accepted in person, or through the Paypal donate button below.

  • Lavalier mic(s) – Over 200$ ea. – A clip-on audio microphone will be essential for clearer audio recordings  of people speaking while filming them.
  • Solar charger – estimated total – 100-200$ – Something such as this for charging all of my gear on the road.
  • Transportation costs such as fuel – estimated total – 200$
  • Staple foods (beans legumes etc.) – estimated total – 200$


Itinerary – The Road Less Traveled:

dansquirrel.jpegI will be traveling through the lands unfolding an adventure, finding secret spots full of lush and magical vegetation, swimming holes, sustainable schools, and friends and teachers. Between these events, I will be keeping my mind and heart open and following the mystery toward whatever it wants to present.

The following is my itinerary.  Join me in person or online! 

Teachings, Classes and Meetings:

4 July MD I’ll be teaching a workshop “Making infused oils and tinctures” @ the PEX music festival
14-21 July Asheville, NC I’ll be visiting the Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism July 14th – 21st, where I’ll teach three classes as follows:July 14th“The Alchemy of Vegetable Fermentation” – A hands on workshop exploring the ancient alchemical practice of breaking down plant cells in salt water to extract the highest form of nutrients.July 17th“Wild food and Medicine Walk” – We’ll explore the land identifying and sampling the wild plant wonders Nature guides us to.July 21st“The Deep Ecology of Foraging” – A meditative and inspiring workshop designed to help us reconnect with our direct perceptual knowledge of the foods and medicines found in Nature.
22 July Boone, NC Meetings with Ken Crouse: Interviews, discussions, and mushroom hunts.
26-28 July Boone, NC I’ll attend and contribute to the Green Scene Herbal Gathering held on Ken Crouse’s land.
  2-4 August Celo, NC  I’ll be attending the South Eastern Permaculture Gathering In Celo, to document my experience, learning, attending classes, sharing and connecting with many knowledgeable people.
9,10,11 August Hot Springs, NC A mushroom Id retreat with Ken Crouse at the Sunnybank Inn, where we complete the weekend workshop with a soak at the mineral springs in town.
On the way home Potomac River, VA Wild pawpaw (Asimina triloba) foraging on the Potomac river: Completing a documentary video that I began last year.  It will be such a blessing to bring an abundance of wild harvested pawpaws to share with you in NJ!


For ideas of gatherings or sacred sites along the route email me!

Stay tuned for a closer look at the gear I’ll be traveling with as well as the adventures I have planned to share with you!


In Service,


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About Dan

Dan De Lion is an earth herbalist, forager, musician, and teacher. He teaches through Return to Nature, providing classes, lectures, and seminars on wild food foraging, mushroom identification, herbal medicine making, as well as primitive and survival skills with a focus on wild foods and forest medicines. He also incorporates the philosophies of yoga, alchemy, meditation, and mysticism into his classes, lectures, and seminars and brings a deep rooted indigenous medicine perspective of practicing intuition with plants, in a systematic and earth-based way – Check out more at
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4 Responses to Appalachian Documentary Project – Hunting the Medicine – Filmed 2014

  1. Trish says:

    How exciting… I wish you a wonderful expedition.
    What a fantastic thing you are doing.

  2. Steve Grello says:

    have a great time and please bring us back tons of knowledge. thank you.

  3. Dan says:

    For More Info for the FB event you can click here –

  4. jamie busch says:

    inspired, thank you for willing yourself into a path of sacred medicine and wild foods, so that we may benefit from your wisdom

    happy trails mate!

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