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Join Dan De Lion of Return to Nature for weekend retreats taking a deeper look at practices to enhance your awareness of the sentience in nature and the plants growing all around.

Each weekend includes a diversity of topics including learning how to identify and harvest plants to make your own herbal remedies and foods from wild plants, ayurvedic principles that relate to health, taste and the medicinal aspects of foods, plant-sense meditations, deepening the dialogue with the sacred within nature, dreaming, and a look at plant mysticism practices from around the world.

In the mornings Dan also holds dream sharing councils. Watch as your intuition about plants becomes strengthened and grows into clarity.

Here is a look from the Return to Nature – Foraging and Herbalism Retreat @ Ananda Ashram- October 16-18 – This is the workshop introduction where we explore a mugwort opening ritual and discuss plant sense meditation aspects.

Throughout the weekend we explored many levels of engagement with the ecosystem, including topics such as Ayurveda principles (constitutional healing and taste), and Paleolithic sense meditations, foraging and herbal philosophy, Inner child work, Foraging and plant identification, dreamtime with plants under our pillows with a breakfast mugwort dream share, Medicine making and magic practice, theory, and ritual, astrology, sadhana, Plant sits, and closed with a plant medicine mandala.

I’m looking forward to take these teachings and rituals nationally and globally in 2016! Starting with a winter visit to the west coast. More on that soon –

If you are interested to help bring a weekend retreat to your area, let’s collaborate and make magic together! Be in touch at Dan@Returntonature.us

Stay tuned-in to upcoming classes, workshops, and retreats on my class calendar:

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