Dream Work Consultations

Deer Totem flyer The dreamer knows their own way through understanding through asking the right questions. Dan offers dream consultations by phone to help integrate our dreams as teachers in our lives.

Email: Dan@Returntonature.us to inquire about a consultation, or to ask any questions.



“The unconscious is coming to the conscious awareness. Dreaming will no longer be suppressed. The western model of mind is being squashed by a force beyond it’s limitations. We must all do our best to keep dreaming and paying attention to the symbols and significance of repeated patterns within our dreams. As you practice conscious dreaming, it will begin to develop and unfold more of this vision. The more we all pay attention and share our dreams with others, and discuss the symbols and try to find the meaning in them, the more we will see a map arise emanating from a source that is actually speaking a message to the collectivity of humans. The revolution will be there. The function of the dream is as the Gaian teaching voice. The Logos is returning. – Dandelion

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