Hunting the Medicine: Stalking the Wild Spirit – Documentary Trailer.

In time I will be sharing more of the story and wonderful “cast of characters” I was blessed to spend time with.

chanterellesI’ll start with a wonderful green wizard named Ken Crouse, He is a mushroom mystic of sorts. Ken and I got to walk around the woods discussing everything from mushrooms, to plants, to ceremony, to times in palenque with Terence Mckenna while I filmed and recorded.  Above is the basket o shrooms we ended up with, smooth chanterelles, Cantharellus lateritius… We got to eat them several ways, they were delicious! Ken holds an amazing mushroom retreat every year around late Summer at Sunnybanks Inn, in Hot Springs, NC – Hope to see you there! More of the story to come…

Soon I’ll be sharing about my wonderful opportunity getting to interview about ethical interaction as a teacher with plants, Alan Muskat at the 2014 South East Permaculture Gathering.

Calling out for symbiosis with Post Production editors and documentary filmmakers!

The intention and itinerary of the journey can be seen here:

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