Photos from India – Amla, Ganga, and lots of plants!

I am bathing in the ganga daily and doing meditation and prayers for all on the banks – speaking with the devas and devis of the mountains and waters. The water is freezing and refreshing, today its probably 80 degrees outside while the water is coming from the glacier. Staying at Swami Dayanandas ashram, a very auspicious place in rishikesh. hopefully i can stay here for a few more days, if not i must go into town and find a new place. I really want to just stay here and not go back down off the mountain. I am home.

I will turn off my mind, relax, and float down stream tomorrow at (whats left of) the Maharishi Maheshyogi Ashram where the beatles stayed and all of their magical drama unfolded. then up on a 7 km hike up to a sacred shrine on top of the mountain called neelkanth! Jai Ma!

Today i met people and they brought me on a plant walk and taught me about the plants growing at the ashram. I tasted amla – Phyllanthus emblica (aka. indian gooseberry) fruit- fresh picked, and raw. Amla is the highest source of vitamin c in the world – it also contains the balance of each flavor; sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent. According to ayurveda this helps to balance and tonify all systems of the body. Amla is one of the 3 herbs in one of the most common preparations in ayurveda called triphala. The tree is growing abundantly and dropping its fruit for whoever knows the secret of who it is. They are really intense to eat and feel so cleansing.  and  I am meeting with an anyrvedic doctor today to discuss some more weeds. I have found so so many growing all along the bank of the ganga and will be posting picture here:


Haridwar and Rishikesh, India – Feb to April, 2012

Guptakashi, Okimath, Kalimath – Himalayan Region – March 2012

Journeys through Deradhun, India – March, 2012

Konark Sun Temple – Orissa, India – April 2012

Around Rishikesh, India, Feb 2012

India Journey – Delhi, Feb 8-12, 2012

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