Journey to Kunjapuri – Practice of Transforming Will

While in Rishikesh I had heard of a place up in the mountains that was a Shakti Peeth called Kunjapuri – Kunja is stomach or torso, and puri means abode. Kunjapuri is where this part of the goddesses body is said to have fallen to Earth in a very famous story (more on this later). There is alot of esoteric symbology to be discussed and understood. From the perspective of  tantra or kundalini yoga the kunja is associated with the manipura chakra which is associated with the power of will. This is a sacred place to increase the Shakti of will. this power is raw and must be decided by our own selves what our goal is with this will. When i think of manipura i always see that the beginning half is manipulate. This is no accident considering that exerting human will without discretion and values becomes manipulation. It is an art to convert the egoistic will that always craves power over its surroundings (including people) into the will of the divine; being for the good of all. This process represents the purification of this chakra. From my will, to thy will, as it is said. This shakti peeth is the external representation of this process, and a place to access the blessings of this inner journey. turning our will over others to our will over our self, having the ability to align with our highest ideals of ourselves.  Having the strength to never act against our voice of intuition and regretting it later. If we have this experience then it is a blessing to see the path ahead of us and the potential of our awakening.

A shakti peeth is a place of recognized harnessed power that has the ability to plug us into the greater source. Consider that electricity is everywhere, yet you don’t hold your phone charger in the air, you have to plug it into a socket. These sockets are the Shakti Peeths.

To Be Continued….

I bow to you in thankfulness and respect.



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