Pine Pollen and Allergies

pine pollen borderDid you know that pine pollen contains beneficial amino acids, and was used as a flour supplement by native peoples?

Evergreen pollens are incredibly nutritive as well as contain phyto-androgen; a plant precursor to testosterone that helps males build muscle, strengthen their immune function, and also maintain hormonal health.

Pollen allergies: Now a days we moderns are all allergic to pollen, but as I often ask in my classes; has plant diversity gone down? Yet allergies are on the rise? That is a broken math equation. This means that indeed what is changing in the environment is humans ability to have exposure and develop immunity. Think of all the indoor filtration and synthetic chemicals we are/have been bombarded with. In the idea of a quick fix for allergies, which is nothing but taking away symptoms, what is not being talked about enough is the very fundamental practice and theory that is behind flu (and all) vaccinations; consume the plant which gives allergies in greater and greater dosage until you build the immune adaptations for not being allergic.

pine pollen border 5We are in fact constantly training immune function by exposure or in many cases in modern times; the lack of exposure. This is entirely how the immune function works in all counts, including the theory of vaccinations. By starting off the season at least 2 weeks in advance eating raw local honey (not cooked honey bear-which is mostly high fructose corn syrup) and consuming the plant parts which produce pollen in gradually increasing doses you reduce your immune systems need for an over reaction and build the capacity to desensitize to the pollen.

Anti Allergic Nettle Tea: On top of that adding stinging nettle tea with raw honey and lemon to your regiment, avoiding processed foods, eating as well as you can and avoiding hiding out in filtered air conditioner all year helps the body adapt and become aquatinted with the natural cycles.

Nettle Tea: 

Simmer 4 cups of water.

Add in 1/2 to 1 cup dried nettles

Cover with lid and simmer for 10 minutes, then turn off heat and leave sit 5-10 minutes.

Strain and add 1/2 lemon, raw honey, and a pinch of cayenne.

I drink about 3 cups a day during allergy season for best results.

pine harvest borderAn Allergy- Causing Travesty: 

Take a moment to consider how mowing a lawn essentially chops and blows all of the pollen containing plants into micro particles that then get entirely blown up into the air. large amounts of the clippings also get blown around by leaf blowers in just about every neighborhood through mowing and landscaping companies.

To add to that, the chemicals, such as round up and synthetic fertilizers, sprayed on people’s lawns are also catching a ride on that human created wind storm after the lawns are chopped into fine powders and blown into the air. That’s a great recipe for lowered immune function and at the very least allergies; consider young people breathing this. Only you can prevent OCMD (obsessive compulsive mowing disorder).

And remember, dose yourself with the pollen that makes you sneeze!


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