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Here are video playlists of Plant education, and music.

Plant Videos

dan teaching plants square

Music Videos

dan music

For more videos you can view my youtube channel here – ReturntoNatureSkills

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2 Responses to Video Playlists

  1. Kylie baker says:

    Hello Dan,
    Lou just came up to the Peaceweavers for a peace retreat and we were talking and he mentioned something about you living in a yurt/ger and how you were looking for people to help you set it up! I’m so sorry I didn’t find out about this till now! I’m always up for a ger raising! I traveled to Mongolia 3 summers ago to learn more about ger construction and then when I came back to the US, I gave a presentation on the trip and held a workshop on how to build a ger during the Peaceweavers natural building colloquium! (My background is in textiles, that’s how I became interested in gers- I thought it was super cool that their homes are protected by fabric! i also used to teach people how to felt with a bicycle in Chicago!)
    I have lots of photos, close ups of particular tie/cord formations and whatnot. Did you set up your home? Was it a success? I can bring pictures during next years Princeton peace gathering if you’re interested!
    I hear you’re an herbalist as well! I have been learning a lot about the medicine on thunder mountain and making tincture, salves, and teas!
    Hopefully I’ll get to meet you someday!
    Kylie b

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