Music has always been a huge part of my life. Guitar has been my main instrument of choice. Ranging from influences of East and West, here’s a short look at some of the Projects I feel blessed to have contributed to over the years.

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Projects from Previous Years: 

Mukti – The Phoenix Project @ Mahanrishis Peace Picnic – from 2013


Inside the One – Mahanrishis Peace Picnic – from 2012

I am the Light of My Soul with Siri Om Singh – from 2011

Ganesha Sharanam with Red Hawk Fly – from 2010

With Natural Breakdown

13- from 2009

Blaming Game – from 2007

Katrina (New Orleans) – from 2007

More Natural Breakdown Music –

Dharma Farmers – from 2006

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1 Response to Music

  1. Praful.Gosai says:

    Ahaaa so soul stirring, more ragas need to be incorporated, a shift from pop like to classical thereby feeling the soul rather than the body

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