Return to Nature Foragemobile Van Update – November 2016:



Return to Nature Foragemobile Van Update – November 2016:

Blessings brothers and sisters!

Heres an update from my progress with crowd funding for a Foraging and Herbalism School on Wheels.

This past few weeks, I have been so inundated with sharing the story of Standing Rock, and the political turmoil that I have been deeply medicine questing. After counseling and questing deeply with my ancestors and guides as to the next steps with the van crowd funding it is again time to make the push for the continued need for a Foraging and Herbalism school on wheels.


Van Plan: A few nights ago, luckily right when I got to where I was staying, my transmission of my old trusty car has blown and another 300$ to fix it. This means that indeed it is time to rise out of the limits of this old trusty vehicle and manifest a van and take this work and service much deeper.

Thanks to your donations, I currently have enough for the van I am looking at (around $6,000) but not enough for the repairs it will require, which will probably amount to an extra $2,000. Along with customizing for shelving and putting a solar panel on the roof for charging electric devices (laptop, phone, headlamp) the amount of 11,111 should be sufficient to make it happen.


vanI am currently looking at a 1991 Chevy G 20, which I will be visiting while on tour in Pennsylvania this November, and I will be updating you all to see. To truly choose the right vehicle with all of the different factors has taken a lot of research and also takes a deep surrender of trust and hope, and that the correct choices are being made. I am definitely open to suggestions from you, that are practical.


Travels to Standing Rock: Amidst all the chaos and confusion of the day of the mass arrests a few weeks back, in a trance like state, I saw a vision of a unified ritual being born that can be taught and protected by the religious freedoms act. And, that the next phase of this movement will be an even deeper manifestation of demonstrating prayer/religion with everyone doing something together. That this indeed was the key in to the invocation of the ancestors. In this flu like state, I could not stop seeing all that was happening in rapid fire pace, I was seeing above the camp at everyone working, and the tipis, and elders. And I was shown deeply, that the religious freedoms restoration act of 1993 is indeed the key into our new world. That “demonstrating prayer” is very different than protesting. That the new ways will be in developing sacred but simple rituals which are inclusive, and do not project dogma; the manifestation of the aquarian revolution. I want to take these discussions to the people, to the elders there.


bakken-proposalDuring those few days, I have been shown the next steps, and they include that my first journey in the foraging van will be traveling to standing rock this December to bring much needed supplies, and to webcast the story and journey to you all with the ability to take your questions to the people there. So with your donations, I will be using this van to develop and gather a supply chain with our community and deliver them in collaboration with the herbal action network and other groups to take items and donations from you all who want to support but cannot go.

While the chance of arrest there is possible, the vision I hold for going there of course is of non-provocation, and non-violence, and to work first aid and to discuss with the elders and inquire on the visions I have seen this past week.

Along with your donation, 11% of Novembers proceeds for the foragemobile van fund will go to the Standing Rock efforts.


I want you all to know that I see this crowd funding project as an investment for all of our work raising this green revolution, and will dedicate my life teaching green skills and share all of the valuable survival and sustainability skills that I can along the way. It is time to seek, document, and share the medicine ways of this land in a deeper way, to interview key visionaries of this culture, and to use our technological resources in service to the awakening of our human purpose. Know that this is what your donations help to thrive. These are the votes that run through our hard earned dollars as we all learn to vote with our money.


returntonature-foragemobileDonations: Please consider that any donation helps this mission thrive, and we are almost to the goal! Remember, if you appreciate the continued work I share through both the Return to Nature website, Instagram, youtube, and several facebook pages, I ask you to help this mission grow and continue to have the financial and energetic support that it needs. For all our relations.


Please visit and donate, and/or share this link.

You can also paypal any amount to which will be updated to the crowd funding site. Also, check out all of the rewards and incentives I posted on the gofundme site; including tinctures, herbal tea blends, raw chocolates, and organic cotton tshirts, as well as mentorship options.


I appreciate you all.


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