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Sacred Ecology Retreat – California, Jan. 2018

The medicine sharing quest continues in southern California with the Return To Nature #Foragemobile tour… Check out upcoming classes at Return To Nature

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The Foragemobile Westward Winter Teaching Tour!

Huge thanks to all who donated to our 24 hr facebook Foragemobile fundraiser! Your donations helped me compensate for part of the cost of the solar set up, and gave me funds to plan the winter tour (dates below) with … Continue reading

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Notes from Dans Travels in California: Birds Bathing in the Malibu lagoon

Birds Bathing in the Malibu lagoon: Today, after seeking campsites and natural areas along the California coast, I found myself in the Malibu Lagoon. It was mesmerizing to see where all the birds come to do their rituals, hundreds of … Continue reading

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