Thanks to all those who Donated – Return Giftings

Indian Village Woman - carrying harvested fodder for her cow

It has taken some time to get fully updated and integrated with the self I temporarily left behind in New Jersey. As I become settled into the patterns here that I still wish to keep I have gifts to give back to the community. I am also currently working on my 2 promised workshops – and also working on being able to webcast them and make it accessible on the net. Is this something you know how to do? Please be in touch!


Wild Indian Sorrel - Growing in the Himalaya, It was delicious!

I learned so much herbal knowledge while there that I havent even begun to write about and blog with any decency. Still getting pictures, notes, and everything else organized. I have alot of pictures from the journey uploaded on facebook here:



Fig Tree - Guptakashi, India

If you donated 100$ (or otherwise) for the India journey and didnt yet receive your herbal elixir please contact me, drop an email etc. I have everything on record but its much easier to hear from you. Im now feeling settled and ready to complete getting all of the free gifts out! I tried to complete it all before going to india but attention was pulled other places. Plus the market place is back up and running here: with all of my home made offerings.

I also am now offering health consultations by donation, and also free to those who offered donations for the India journey. (see below)

Micah Stone Shelter - Himalayan survival shelter

And Please ask me how it was and ask questions about it. It was a journey I took to share with community. As well as it helps me to recall and remember all of the magical things that were witnessed.

Here is a list of the return giftings that were presented:  

As a thank you to all who donate – upon my return from this journey I have 2 online classes/presentations planned. The first is based on my 5 favorite Ayurvedic herbs that I will have furthered my relationship with so much deeper while inIndia. The other will be a slideshow of all of the pictures I have taken and explanations of all of the wonderful things and people I have experienced and seen.

-If you donate from $10-50 dollars you will be invited to see the slide show of all of the pictures and description of the journey. You will also be invited to the “5 favorite Ayurvedic herbs” online workshop.

-From $51-150 I will offer you both online workshops as well as your choice of one of my hand crafted and delicious 2 oz Elderberry Elixir, or Golden Allergy Elixir syrups (more about them on my website).

-From $150-200 – Both webinars plus your choice of 4 oz elixir and a free half hour health consultation

-$201 and beyond – the 2 webinars, an 8 oz elixir of your choice and a half hour health consultation

Also don’t forget to Get Wild today =)

Much love and blessings!


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