India Wild Food and Medicine Adventures – Slideshow of Plants

So far i have been seeking to connect with the plant world through the common town plants, and trees. Connecting with wild exotic fruits and weeds, some familiar friends and some never seen. I have listed several spiritual, medicinal, and edible uses for many of the plants I have been photographing and learning from. These are Mother Earths beautiful creations. I am enjoying tasting, meeting, and connecting with them. Hopefully through this you can get a good sense of some new friends and some new sacred plant wisdom=)

As I travel to Deradhun on Feb 14th I will be diving much deeper into working with them and we will be learning from Ayurvedic masters up in the Himalayan mountains. A huge thank you to all those who have taken me around town and introduced me to many sacred plant beings. Especially Praful-Ji who has connected me to many plants, fed me many exotic things, and connected me with some great teachers. In-Joy! Much more on its way!

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  1. katy says:

    have you found any mushrooms there! i found morels recently here 🙂 my friends found 105 of them in a river valley the other day….awesome! 🙂

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