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Upcoming Weekend – Princeton Classes

Upcoming Weekend – Princeton Classes This weekend in Princeton, NJ area to hone your survival skills, herbal wisdom, and nature awareness. Saturday, April 22nd, at 2 pm: Tincture Making and Herbal Discussion @ Princeton NJ In this class, I’ll be teaching students how … Continue reading

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Spring Cleansing and Herbal Healing Tonics – Live Webinar w/ Dan, March 14th

Join Dan De Lion of www.returntonature.us in the Web Universe from the comfort of your home for a discussion on Spring Cleansing, Herbal Healing Tonics and Seasonal Tips for Wellness.

If we work with the seasons, and help support the bodies natural processes throughout each season, then optimal health and wellness can be achieved.

In this webinar, Dan will discuss easy to make herbal remedies, recipes, and a break down at some of the ways herbs effect the organs specifically related to what we need for detoxing from the winter, and entering into spring healthy. He will then address your questions.

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“Foragers Broadcast” Episode 28 – Check it out!

Hey friends of the forest, Heres a new episode from my ongoing Foragers Broadcast series.. This one is entitled, “Plant Talk, Fairy Speak, and the Biological Influence of Plants.”   Check out all the episodes on my youtube channel: Returntonatureskills … Continue reading

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Wisdom of Wineberries – Foraging for Local “Invasives”

Today we went exploring one of my favorite patches of wineberries. Said to be an invasive plant, I encourage everyone to cross compare that with the idea of shipping the equivalent berry from across the US or even worse, foreign … Continue reading

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Persimmon Power – A Favorite Forageable Fruit

Here’s a look at one of the most delicious and long forgotten wild fruits, indigenous to this area. This is the American persimmon (Diospyros virginiana).

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