Foragemobile Update – Wood Flooring!

Heres a look at the wood floor now on the #foragemobile !!!

I’m super grateful to my dad for helping me out today, and now I’m looking into potentials for an insulation layer under this flooring before I fasten the flooring. It needs to be waterproof, and insulative. Im looking into the possibility of rockwool which is like wool, but supposedly it doesn’t absorb moisture, which can be a big problem with any insulation against metal.


Do you have any suggestions #vandweller and #diy culture?


I’m also super excited to start planning for the #solarpanel set up at Antinanco Earth Arts School​ where a good friend Alex, and I, have been working on plans to rig all the vans needs with a solar set up!


We will offer that workshop both online and in person, in early October and I plan to blog that process for everyone to also have the capacity to learn how to go solar. More to come on that soon!


Help support the Return to Nature mission and the #Foragemobile and roving herbalism school project at


Plant blessings!


Dan de Lion

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About Dan

Dan De Lion is an earth herbalist, forager, musician, and teacher. He teaches through Return to Nature, providing classes, lectures, and seminars on wild food foraging, mushroom identification, herbal medicine making, as well as primitive and survival skills with a focus on wild foods and forest medicines. He also incorporates the philosophies of yoga, alchemy, meditation, and mysticism into his classes, lectures, and seminars and brings a deep rooted indigenous medicine perspective of practicing intuition with plants, in a systematic and earth-based way – Check out more at
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